Strategic Partners

Pinetree Financial Strategic PartnersBesides our individual borrowers, Pinetree Financial Partners works with a wide array of parties to bring about the origination of loans.  One of our mainstays for procuring loans is working with mortgage companies who have not been able to place their loan with conventional sources. 

Mortgage brokers have a long tradition of being welcomed by Pinetree and being paid for their services upon the closing of their client's loan. 

Local banks have worked with Pinetree for over twenty years.  Many times the bank will want to place a loan for a customer without having to worry about losing a deposit relationship. 

Real estate agents, looking for a quick source of funds to close an investor sales transaction, are also another source for loan closings.

Our past or current borrowers are also one of our best partners.  Whether to do another loan with Pinetree, or to refer a friend or family member, we appreciate their loyalty and trust working with Pinetree Financial.

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