Here are some Pinetree Financial FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and their corresponding answers:

Q1. What are the rates/fees/terms?

A1. See Loan Programs

Q2. Are there any pre-payment penalties on the loan?

A2. There are no pre-payment penalties on our fix-and-flip, "mini-perms," and short term loans. The only pre-payment is on our thirty year product.

Q3. How quickly can we close?

A3. We have closed cloans on the same day we received the package, but can assure you that we pride ourselves on rapid closings, most within one week or less from inspection of the property, assuming all requirements are in order.

Q4. What if I plan to fix-and-hold the property instead of fix-and-flip?

A4. We offer a three year "mini perm" or a thirty year product for you to choose from.

Q5. How does the improvement escrow money you are lending, work?

A5. The money is set aside at closing with an independent escrow company that will release the funds as work progresses based on an agreement of both parties.

Q6. What do I need to qualify?

A6. See our loan process

Q7. How do I apply?

A7. Download our application or contact us

Q8. If I do a fix-and-flip loan, and it matures before I sell this house, what happens?

A8. It is Pinetree's policy to extend the note based on excellent payment history, that the property is finished, and has retained its value under the same terms, rates, etc. of the original loan. Or, if you wish, we can put a three year "mini perm" on the property.

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