Pinetree Financial's Loan Process

Pinetree Financial Loan Process

Step One:  Any individual, group, or entity can contact our underwriter or office with their loan proposal.  We will discuss it with you and then get the basic information we need from the borrower. 

Step Two:  We will set up an appointment to meet the borrower at the subject property for an inspection.  Pinetree is a lender who believes that it is important to meet each and every borrower and for the borrower to meet us.  We are old-fashioned in that regard.  We feel it assists both parties to get to know who they are dealing with, rather than an impersonal relationship.  Our goal is to satisfy your needs and we can do this better if we have the opportunity to discuss your loan in person.

Step Three:  Once the inspection is done and an appraisal is completed (if required), then a loan offer is made, disclosing all elements of the loan. 

Step Four:  If the offer works for you, then we will set up a loan closing.  Loan closing can be within 24 hours of the initial application, or longer, depending on the circumstances.  Pinetree Financial Partners will send a representative to closing to answer any last minute questions or assist you with final requirements.  Our goal is to make closings quick and easy for you.

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