Thirty Year Amortized Loan

A thirty (30) year loan offered by a private lender is one of the products that we are proudest of as it is so rare.  We offer it because we believe in our customers and we want to meet their needs in a way that will allow them to succeed.  Why?  Because we only succeed when you succeed!Thirty Year Loan

1.  Up to 70% of the "as is" appraised value
2.  Thirty year term, amortized in full
3.  Adjustable after two years, based on Libor index plus basis points
4.  9.0% to 11.5% interest rate paid monthly, in arrears, interest rate based on underwriting
5.  5 points
6.  2% pre-payment for first two years only
7.  Closing fees - $1,000
8.  Appraisal may be required

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