Properties and Notes for Purchase and Sale

Properties and NotesPinetree Financial Partners has long been a leader in the private lending business in Colorado.  As part of the leadership we have gone beyond lending and offer additional opportunities and benefits for our valued customers. 

Here are those opportunities:

1.  We purchase properties.  Sometimes a loan is not the right avenue; instead, an outright sale will make the most sense for our clients due to circumstances.  Please contact us if you feel that an all cash, quick close sale is best for you.  We will give you an offer very quickly, often within 24 hours.

2.  We purchase notes.  Occasionally an owner has carried back a loan on a property and needs to cash out to pursue an alternative investment.  We offer a lump sum cash payment for your note quickly and at a fair amount.

3.  We sell properties.  Like all lenders and borrowers, we have been affected by the current economy.  We sometimes have properties that we have had to take back and that we will be willing to sell at an attractive price and often with owner carry financing.

4.  We sell notes.  Sometimes our clients request to buy our notes.  This would occur if they are in second position or if they have a need for the property that is secured by our note. 

Please contact us to see if we may assist you.

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