10 Tips For New Fix-and-Flips Investors In 2023

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Fix-and-flip approach projects can be lucrative. If you are a new investor or exploring the best fix and flip loans industry in Denver, you probably want to check out our 10 tips for first time house flipping. 1. Research Your Market Carrying out market research where you plan to invest will help you understand the […]

How Do You Get a Mortgage for a New Construction with an FHA Loan?

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Aspiring homeowners often seek government-supported loans for the purchase of a residential property. Government-backed mortgages (FHA loans) are often a viable option for first-time homebuyers since they require lower down payments and credit scores than many conventional loans. However, securing a traditional FHA loan is often easier said than done. For example, some neighborhoods are […]

How Will the Proposed Nightly Rental Tax Impact Property Owners?

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Managing short-term rentals can be complicated for several reasons, but tax requirements are often the most concerning. This is especially true when new tax proposals arise. You might be wondering about the nightly rental tax proposal aimed at short-term Colorado rental properties, and you’re not alone. Let’s review the basics of the proposal and the […]