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Should You Invest In Student Housing?

students in apartment eating pizza

Choosing to invest in student housing can be daunting at first. With increasing demand also comes higher turnover, so it’s important to consider your investment options carefully before taking the leap. While high turnover can be considered a negative attribute to housing investments, it can actually benefit you in the long run. Read more to […]

Bridge Loans for Accessory Dwelling Units

an accessory dwelling unit/grannie suite in the back yard of a property

Inventory in the housing market remains low, leaving fewer options for potential buyers. This includes real estate investors looking for properties to rent or flip. One solution to this shortage has been to build what is otherwise unavailable. Specifically, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are emerging as a viable source of rental income in an otherwise […]

When to Use a Bridge Loan to Buy Your Next House

sold home sign outside new house

Thanks, in part, to increased interest rates, the housing market has cooled off recently; but that doesn’t mean it is any less competitive for prospective home buyers with their eyes on the same homes in the same neighborhoods. There are generally two types of offers when it comes to buying a house: cash offers and […]

Hard Money Loans: How to Choose Your Next Lender

Hard Money Loans How to Choose Your Next Lender

Hard money lending has become more common in recent years, and as such, there are more lending options available for borrowers to explore. On the one hand, having more companies to compare when seeking quick financing is generally positive. However, having more borrowing options also means you’ll need to consider your choice more carefully. Follow […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

Applying for a loan is rarely a quick and easy process, especially for individuals and businesses seeking funds through traditional means. While traditional lending is the most commonly used, borrowing from a financial institution is not always the right approach for every situation. For individuals hoping to secure a property while another sells or small […]

Get Quick Money via Hard Money Bridge Loans to Finance your Dreams

Bridge Loan Funding

Credit scores are vital for securing a bank loan and financing one’s dreams. However, the reality is not everyone has a good credit score. For people who have average credit scores, hard money loans can be of great help. Whether renovating an existing home or flipping a property, a hard money loan can provide you […]

How to Present Your Loan Request to Hard Money Lenders?

The phrase ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’ denotes the value of money. Everyone needs money to fulfill his/her destiny. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small-time retailer, manufacturer, or a 9-5 worker, there will be times when you would need cold hard cash to make your world go round i.e., move your plans forward. […]

What Is A Bridge Loan and How Do I Qualify?

What Is A Bridge Loan and How Do I Qualify - Pinetree Financial Partners

Borrowers who find themselves “between” properties (trying to sell one and buy another at the same time) may have heard about bridge loans. Though the term may be familiar, many homeowners are not familiar with what bridge terms actually are, what they cover, or how to qualify for one. Let’s examine bridge loans and how […]

What Is A Hard Money Loan, and When Would I Use It?

How and when to use Hard Money Loan - Pinetree Financial

What does Hard Money Loan Means? A hard money loan is a loan type that is secured using real property as collateral. Many small business owners and hard money lenders rely on this type of loan as a short-term “bridge” type of loan instead of having to try getting a traditional loan from a bank. […]