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Private Lenders – Best Option to Get Real Estate Lending for Construction

Thinking about putting your construction plans on hold till your next big loan comes through? It might not be the best idea in this cutthroat world. Putting business plans on the backburner can lose you the vital edge you need. Especially when you have an important project deadline, you should opt for a construction loan via private loan […]

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Are Office Spaces a Good Investment in 2021?

The pandemic years have been challenging for business owners and real estate investors alike, with the majority of workers having to suddenly adapt to working from home. With many employees continuing to utilize their home offices or transitioning to a hybrid model, questions now arise as to the future of commercial real estate. Investors may […]

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What Is A Bridge Loan and How Do I Qualify?

Borrowers who find themselves “between” properties (trying to sell one and buy another at the same time) may have heard about bridge loans. Though the term may be familiar, many homeowners are not familiar with what bridge terms actually are, what they cover, or how to qualify for one. Let’s examine bridge loans and how […]

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Building a House? Consider a Construction Loan

If you’ve been shopping around for a new home for an extended period, you’re probably aware of the limited options available on the market. You want a new home, but you don’t want to finance something that doesn’t match what you want. Likely, you’ve thought about the possibilities of having your own home built from […]

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COVID and Real Estate Predictions for 2021

The release of the COVID-19 vaccine stands to change more than just the rate at which the virus spreads. Widespread vaccine availability will likely change social interactions, the economy, and real estate as well. Though the vaccine alone is not enough to contain COVID-19 in the US unless over 70% of citizens are vaccinated, the […]

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What Are The Typical Returns From A Flipping House?

In the changing housing market, everyone seems to be trying to establish themselves as real estate investors quickly. According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, and housing is on track to become one of America’s top ten most profitable jobs, with an average 7.5 percent return. If you’re interested to get more […]

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Are Rental Homes A Good Investment?

More and more people are starting to invest in property, viewing rental property as a way to diversify investments and secure cash flow for the future. Furthermore, properties are suitable for long-term investments at reasonable prices, such as rented apartments. If you’re curious to learn more about how to use the rental property as an […]

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