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Risks of Short Term Rental Properties

woman with rolling suit-case approaches door of short-term rental property

Short term rental properties have surged in popularity in the last few years as a way to turn a quicker profit on a real estate investment. However, they are not without potential drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the risks of short term rental properties to help you decide if this type […]

Probate Loan: When You Should Consider One

Last Will and Testament with pen and gavel to signify the probate process

Losing a loved one is emotionally challenging, and the last thing you want to deal with is a legal process. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many individuals find themselves doing when it comes to securing their rightful inheritance. It can take many months for a will to be legally verified in court-a process known as […]

Are Ski Condos a Good Investment?

ski condos at sunset

It’s the middle of summer, so skiing may not be at the top of your mind. But properties in ski-hubs are popular year round and can present an excellent investment opportunity, as long as you do your research. Ski condos, in particular, can be a great rental asset, regardless of the season. Read our article […]

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

home model with stacks of cash to demonstrate wholesale real estate

In addition to buying and selling properties outright, wholesale real estate is another way to generate income in this competitive market. In this article, we will take a closer look at wholesale real estate and when it is a good option for your portfolio.  What is Wholesale Real Estate? When you “wholesale,” you are acting […]

Using Hard Money Loans for New Construction

Using Hard Money Loans for New Construction

When you are in the market for a new construction home, there are several different ways that you can finance the purchase. You can get a mortgage from a bank, you can get a government loan, or you can use a hard money loan to finance the construction. Hard money loans are financed by private […]

Get Quick Money via Hard Money Bridge Loans to Finance your Dreams

Bridge Loan Funding

Credit scores are vital for securing a bank loan and financing one’s dreams. However, the reality is not everyone has a good credit score. For people who have average credit scores, hard money loans can be of great help. Whether renovating an existing home or flipping a property, a hard money loan can provide you […]

How Much Does a Hard Money Loan Actually Cost?

National Hard Money Loan Lenders - Pinetree Financial

Hard money loans are a boon to those who cannot get through the traditional loan methods. It is one of the safest and secure options for procuring quick money in case the borrower is denied a loan by the banks. But one question that is forever in the borrowers’ minds is: how much do hard […]

Private Lenders – Best Option to Get Real Estate Lending for Construction

What Is A Bridge Loan and How Do I Qualify - Pinetree Financial Partners

Thinking about putting your construction plans on hold till your next big loan comes through? It might not be the best idea in this cutthroat world. Putting business plans on the backburner can lose you the vital edge you need. Especially when you have an important project deadline, you should opt for a construction loan via private loan […]

How to Present Your Loan Request to Hard Money Lenders?

The phrase ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’ denotes the value of money. Everyone needs money to fulfill his/her destiny. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small-time retailer, manufacturer, or a 9-5 worker, there will be times when you would need cold hard cash to make your world go round i.e., move your plans forward. […]

What Is A Hard Money Loan, and When Would I Use It?

How and when to use Hard Money Loan - Pinetree Financial

What does Hard Money Loan Means? A hard money loan is a loan type that is secured using real property as collateral. Many small business owners and hard money lenders rely on this type of loan as a short-term “bridge” type of loan instead of having to try getting a traditional loan from a bank. […]