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What is a DSCR Loan, and How Do You Qualify?

Man holding calculator to determine eligibility for DSCR loan

If you’re a real estate investor, you understand the critical role financing plays in your property acquisition and management strategies. The availability of financing options like DSCR loans can significantly impact your investment success in the long term. This post aims to provide insight into what DSCR loans are, how they work, and why they’re […]

What is House Hacking?

rooms for rent sign

The real estate market is a vast and complex industry, with a range of investment strategies that investors can use to grow their wealth. One strategy that has been gaining popularity in recent years is “house hacking.” But what is house hacking, and is it a good way to make passive income? Read our article […]

When Do You Need an Acquisition Loan?

two hands shaking in an office setting to signify a business merger/acquisition

Acquisition loans are a type of financing that allows one business to acquire another business’s assets or complete a merger. Acquisition loans come in various types, each with its own terms and conditions for qualifying. If you are a business or entrepreneur looking to expand by obtaining new assets or merging with another company, an […]

Land Loans in Colorado

land for sale sign in front of green brush and grass

If you are interested in creating a real estate investment portfolio, land investment is actually a great way to get started. In Colorado, land is plentiful and inexpensive compared to other forms of real estate. That being said, securing a land loan can be more difficult than a mortgage or new construction loan. Ultimately, the […]

10 Tips For New Fix-and-Flips Investors In 2023

Fix and Flip house

Fix-and-flip approach projects can be lucrative. If you are a new investor or exploring the best fix and flip loans industry in Denver, you probably want to check out our 10 tips for first time house flipping. 1. Research Your Market Carrying out market research where you plan to invest will help you understand the […]

First-Timer’s Guide: Increase Your Cash Flow With Private Money Lending

First Timer's Guide Increase Your Cash Flow With Private Money Lending

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan can attest to the headaches often involved when dealing with traditional banks. The timeline, the red tape, and all the demands that need to be met mean that traditional lenders and lending practices are not always the best choice. Whether you’re considering private money lending or private […]