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Certified Home Inspections 

man conducting certified home inspection

(And Why You Should Never Skip Them) Certified home inspections are an important part of the real estate acquisition process. Yet it is not uncommon for buyers to agree to waive the inspection in favor of a faster closing time. While speed is of the essence in many investment transactions, certified home inspections should never […]

A Guide to Tax Lien Investing

model home with "property tax" stamped on the front

Investing in tax liens can be an intriguing opportunity for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio while potentially earning attractive returns. However, like any investment, it comes with its own set of complexities and risks. Read our guide to understand the process and special considerations that come with this unique type of real estate […]

Are Office Spaces a Good Investment in 2021?

How Office Spaces a Good Investment in 2021 - Pinetree Financial

The pandemic years have been challenging for business owners and real estate investors alike, with the majority of workers having to suddenly adapt to working from home. With many employees continuing to utilize their home offices or transitioning to a hybrid model, questions now arise as to the future of the commercial real estate. Investors […]

10 Mistakes Most New Investors Make When Investing in Fix-and-Flips

Need to avoid such mistakes while investing in fix and flip

For seasoned investors, fix-and-flip approach projects can be lucrative. If you are a new investor or exploring the best fix and flip loans industry in Denver, be mindful to not do these 10 common fix-and-flip mistakes below. 1. Not Researching Your Market Carrying out market research where you plan to invest will help you understand the […]

What are the Basic Hard Money Loan Requirements?

The Complete Hard Money Loan Requirements by Pinetree Financial

Fix-and-flip homes are becoming more popular every year. Over 6.2% of all home sales were from fix-and-flip homes in 2019. With this trend, traditional bank lending is long, while requirements for hard cash loans are not as demanding. If you are interested in a hard money loan, read on to learn more about the requirements for a […]

Learn 4 Ways to Start Investment in Real Estate with a Low Amount of Money

Ways to start real estate investment with less or no money

Real estate has generated more wealth than any other means of investment. If you are a beginner investor seeking property, you would like to invest as little money as possible into the deal. Here are some ways to purchase your next investment property with as little money as possible. 1. Purchase a home with a […]

Keep These Tips in Mind When Looking for a Real Estate Investment Property during Covid-19

Know the Real Estate Investment Tips during COVID-19

The new COVID-19 pandemic has changed every sector including real estate investment. Because of the stringent policies levied on investors and agents, they face several challenges. That does not mean it’s impossible to buy an investment property right now. Property investors have reasonable odds of earning profits in the short and long term with the […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Hard Money Loans

Know most common asked questions about Hard Money Loan

What is the difference between a hard money loan and a conventional loan? The value of the property (a “hard” asset) to be restored is primarily the basis of hard money loans, hence the name “hard loan”. Conventional loans are given based on the borrower’s income, credit, and other assets. Is there a cash-down payment? […]

How to Identify Distressed Properties as a New Investor

How to Identity distressed Properties as a new investor - Pinetree Financial

Distressed properties draw many types of buyers, who don’t want an opportunity to make money on an undervalued investment? There are a lot of important tips on how to identify distressed properties that are into consideration, these are but a few that should be considered. Familiarize yourself with local foreclosure laws Understanding how foreclosure sales […]