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Denver Specialty Loans

For all the borrowers who don’t fit in the traditional ‘credit’ box or need capital to invest in a personal, corporate, or real-estate deal, Pinetree’s Specialty loan servicing is here to help...

Our experienced and highly professional attorneys assess your loan request and provide you with valuable insight at every step of the way until your loan is approved.
We provide owners and middle-market borrowers with easy and streamlined financing solutions that pave the way to certainty. Our focus on the underlying value of a business enables us to invest in a broad spectrum of credit risk.
Pinetree Financial provides greater financial flexibility and freedom for you to invest in your business projects while eliminating inter-creditor or traditional bank issues. Not just that, our loan application process is incredibly fast and reliable which leads to equally faster closings.
  • Advantages of Our Specialty Loans Financing in Colorado
  • Assisted Living and Specialty Housing
  • Foreign National Investing In Colorado Real Estate
  • Lending On Pre-Fabricated Construction
  • Customized Specialty Loans
Our offerings help clients seek clear advantages and respond quickly to their investment callings. Some well-known advantages of Pinetree’s Specialty funding services include:
  • No Syndication Risk – All transactions at Pinetree are fully underwritten with zero syndication risk to deliver certainty.
  • Quick & Clear Process – Our knowledge and quick response make closings a breeze. Our diversely experienced and professional team helps customize the loan process based on the risks and credit amount involved.
  • Prevailing Capital Provider in Colorado – We aim to fulfill all your investment dreams. So even if you do not exactly ‘qualify’ for the loan, we excel at providing financial aid to companies and individuals with limited access to hard assets or cash flow.
Many seniors want to remain in their own homes as they age. But they might need a little extra help around the house and with medical care, transportation, and other day-to-day tasks. Luckily there are many different types of housing and related services available to help seniors remain independent like assisted living.
Pinetree Financial helps get all the necessary aid in terms of loans to provide for an old age specialty house, caretakers, etc. Whether you are looking to finance independent living, assisted living, or a care home of any kind, our officials can help you meet your loan requirements creatively. Our easy and quick loans help you grow old gracefully.
As more foreigners seek to invest in real estate within the United States, experts say Colorado is fast becoming a prime target for such activity.
However, there are still some hiccups to be faced by foreign nationals when it comes to real estate specialty loans lending, be it due to incomplete/loss of documents, or inability to produce funds at the time.
Pinetree Financial promises a smooth transition from being just an outsider to Colorado’s own resident. Our professional and experienced specialty home loans experts are here to impart the necessary knowledge about the transfers while helping you get the best deal possible.
Our pre-fabricated construction mortgages help simplify your building process while saving you lots of money and time.
Periodic payments that are required to be paid to labor and materials can all be covered with the
help of a pre-fabricated construction loan Pinetree Financial separates advances into periodic payments to cover your construction costs. This means you get to have affordable interest payments. After your home’s foundation has been installed, the complete amount of your prefabricated home is lent to you. No holdbacks, no hidden costs, 100% funded.
Nowadays, many people are struggling to make ends meet and they often need help from a financial institution. If you ever had this problem and you needed to get a specialty loan, for example, a pre-fabricated construction loan, or a senior housing loan, we at Pinetree Financial are here to put an end to your woes.
All our processes are computerized which makes it a quick and error-free deal. Our specialty finance loans have a minimal interest rate that helps you keep burden-free for a long period of time. 
Our professional officials understand the diversity of needs and requirements, which is why we at Pinetree Financial help you with customized loan programs to suit you better.