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It’s a common goal across the country to own a home. Some buyers look for stick-built homes, while others seek to save money with manufactured homes.

Still, there is a third option that many aspiring homeowners are becoming aware of modular homes. If you’re not aware of what modular homes are or what sets them apart from other homes, read on for a brief summary.

What Is A Modular Home?

Modular homes are houses that are created in a factory setting. Each key piece of the house is designed and manufactured in a factory, but the manufacturer ships the home to a location in pieces. Once the pieces arrive at their desired plot of land, they are then assembled on-site. 

Modular homes are also referred to as factory-built homes or prefabricated homes.

How Do They Differ from Mobile/Manufactured Homes?

A modular home is similar to mobile/manufactured homes in that both are at least partially manufactured in a factory. 

Unlike manufactured homes, however, modular home builders construct and ship pieces of the home. They design the pieces to be assembled on-site. By comparison, a single-wide manufactured home is shipped in one solid piece. Double and triple-wide manufactured homes are shipped in two to three sections. 

Quality-wise, and in terms of the estimated lifespan of the home, the two house types are comparable. They are usually of equal, standard quality.

In addition to the way these homes are built, modular homes tend to cost less than traditional manufactured homes. 

The Benefits of Modular Homes

There are quite a few reasons some aspiring homeowners are opting for modular homes instead of traditional stick-built or manufactured homes. Some benefits of buying a modular home are:

The Drawbacks of Modular Homes

As with all home-buying options, modular homes may have their drawbacks. For example:

There are many affordable, high-quality options when looking into owning your own home. If you live in the state of Colorado: visit Pinetree Financial Partners Real Estate Group to explore our land, home, and new construction loan options. 

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