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Pinetree Financial is a real estate finance company established in 1985 and based in Denver, Colorado. Our steadfast focus on customer service, consistent lending practices, and well-rounded financial solutions have kept us in business through economic booms and recessions. Pinetree Financial Group makes loans on all types of real estate, from skyscrapers on 17th Street in Denver to farm and ranch properties in rural Colorado.
Pinetree Financial provides interim financing, gap financing, and swing loans when necessary to bridge the gap when financing is needed but not yet available. We specialize in large-scale and commercial real estate.

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As A Leading Real Estate Finance Company In Denver, CO

We understand how complex taking out a loan can be.
That’s why our team of real estate investment experts is here to help you select the loan that best suits your individual needs.
We are proud to have served hundreds of customers, who have gone on to accomplish their dream ventures with the help of our financing solutions.
Every individual’s situation requires a unique solution. We specialize in connecting our customers with private money lenders who can comprehensively assess their needs and make an appropriate offer.  
Pinetree Financial Real Estate Group currently serves the entire state of Colorado. If you are seeking a construction loan for a location outside of Denver, you can count on us to find you the best offer available.

We Fund Deals Throughout The Entire State Of Colorado We Do NOT Lend Out Of State

We service our loans from loan application to pay off and we keep all of our loans in our portfolio, so we can be flexible to meet your needs.

Pinetree takes pride in our customer service and takes great satisfaction that we have borrowers that come back to us year after year with their real estate deals because they know that we provide a fast, honest, and transparent loan process, and regardless of deal volume, our borrowers know Pinetree can close their loan.

Pinetree Real Estate Financial Group in Denver Colorado is a family office. From start to finish you will work with the same people:

Besides our borrowers, Pinetree Financial Partners works with a wide array of parties to bring about the origination of loans.  One of our mainstays for procuring loans is working with mortgage companies who have not been able to place their loan with conventional sources.

Mortgage brokers have a long tradition of being welcomed by Pinetree and being paid for their services upon the closing of their client’s loan.

Local banks have worked with Pinetree for over twenty years. Many times the bank will want to place a loan for a customer without having to worry about losing a deposit relationship.

Real estate agents, looking for a quick source of funds to close an investor sales transaction, are also another source for loan closings.

Our past or current borrowers are also one of our best partners.  Whether to do another loan with Pinetree or to refer a friend or family member, we appreciate their loyalty and trust in working with Pinetree Financial.

At Pinetree Financial, we pride ourselves on making the Loan Process simple and transparent for our borrowers

 From the introduction to the closing to the loan payoff, we service our loans internally. This means our borrowers work with the same people throughout their entire process.  
We do not have hidden fees, and we provide clear costs before closing any loan.
As one of the top commercial real estate property and hard money construction loan lenders in Denver, we have closed thousands of loans since we opened our doors in 1985.  We provide fast and secure financing services, sometimes closing loans in as little as 24 hours.  
We are dedicated to offering the lending solution that best suits each borrower’s specific needs and situation.

We loan anywhere in the State of Colorado

We are one of the most trusted private money lenders in Colorado, and Denver.

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